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Q: What is the 24 Volt Active Guitar Pickup Battery Pack Mod™ ?
A: The 24 Volt Active Guitar Pickup Battery Pack Mod™ is a battery pack designed to increase the voltage output to your active guitar pickups. Maybe you are familiar with the 18volt or even the 27volt mods currently available. Current methods to increase voltage involve wiring two or even three 9 volt batteries together to increase the voltage output. The 24 Volt Mod Active Guitar Pickup Battery Pack™ Simplifies the process. It provides 24 volts in a battery pack smaller than a single 9 volt battery.
Q: Is this just for Hard rock or Heavy Metal?
A: No. Not at all. The 24 Volt Mod Active Guitar Pickup Battery Pack™ is great for any genre of music and for anyone who uses active guitar pickups. Music style does not matter. You will get the same great benefits from any active pickups no matter what style of music you play.
Q: Why would I want to increase the voltage?
A: There are a lot of good reasons you may want to increase your voltage.
With increased voltage to get better attack and tonal response. Increased voltage also adds extra headroom. Headroom is the normal operating volume your pickups can produce before they begin to distort. Increased headroom is great for clean tones, as Active pickups tend to hit their maximum headroom with clean tones at a lower volume than passive pickups.

Q: But my guitar uses a 9 volt battery. Won't 24 volts damage my pickups?
A: 24 volt mod ™ is perfectly safe for MOST guitar pickups but use caution if in doubt. You can always contact us. We have a complete list of tested pickups. Most major brands work fine, but some lessor known brands may have issues. Contact us if you have questions about compatibility with your pickups. We are working on testing even more pickups in the future and adding a compatibly list to the website.

It is NOT Recommended for Guitars or Basses that have
Active EQ, Active Tone Control or Active on board effects (FX).

Q: How long do the batteries last compared to 9 volts?
A: Results vary depending on how long and how much you play, but our average calculation seems to be 2-3 months playing a few hours a day.

Q: Will this work with 7,8,9, or 10 String Guitars or Bass Guitars?
A: Yes it works well with most active bass pickups.

Q: Will this work with Seymour Duncan Blackouts, Emg, or active single coil pickups?
A: We have tested with every major brand active pickup and a lot of unknown active pickups. We have never found any issues with any pickup we have tested however we have not tested everything. Use caution with lessor known active pickups or contact us for compatibility information.
Q: Is this product endorsed by: A,B,C company name?
A: No. We are an independent developer. We are guitar players. We designed and manufacture the 24 volt active pickup battery pack mod ™.
Q: I have seen OTHER 24 Volt mods. Are these safe to use?
A: We are the original. We have a patent pending on our product. We advise you to be wary of any knock off products as they could damage your expensive guitar pickups.
We spent 2 years testing and developing the 24 volt active guitar pickup mod ™. We have very stringent testing and quality control to make sure our product is safe for your guitar. Please be advised that while we do have a legal team to handle knock offs, this process takes time.
Make sure you buy the original. Besides this website, Thrifty Bids is the only exclusive Seller of our products on eBay, Amazon or Reverb. Anyone else is a fake.

Q: I would like to License / Endorse / invest your product how can I do that?
A: Use our contact form and send us a message.

Q: My question is not here. Where can I get answers?
A: Use our contact form and we will get back with you A.S.A.P.

Q: Shut up and take my money!
A: Hit up our shop page if you're ready to buy!
Q: I would like to link to your site, can I use your site graphics?

A: Any of our header graphics that display our name or website address can be freely used. You can also
use this smaller graphic to link back to us. Right click and save image.

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