After months or product research and development we have brought back The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD
Don't be fooled by imitators trying to make a buck selling an inferior product.
The only Authorized seller of
The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ is Thrifty Bids on eBay and Reverb and through our website here. Anyone else is just an imitator.
The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ is rated and tested for 24 Volts.

Fits most battery compartments.

Is extensively test for safety and durability.

We are the ORIGINAL.

We have been making and selling The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ since 2012

We are currently Revamping our website for the re-launch of The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD

We are taking very limited PRE-ORDERS.

PRE-ORDERS are expected to ship on 10-22-2018 or sooner depending on how fast we can complete the build process.
We will soon have
The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ Available on our official eBay and Reverb Stores with other sales venues to follow. 


We currently are not offering units with batteries but they will be available soon.


Price for The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ without batteries is $24.99 + $2.99 shipping no matter how many you order.
Price for
The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ with batteries (when available) will be 29.99 + $2.99 shipping no matter how many you order.


You can Pre-Order the unit without batteries below.

Will ship on or before 10-22-2018.

If you have any questions or want to be updated on the Latest news regarding
The "ORIGINAL" 24 VOLT MOD™ please visit and message us on our Official FaceBook Page while our website is under construction.

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Please Note: Each unit is hand made and you may expect small imperfections.

Each unit requires 2x 23A Batteries that can be purchased from most places that sell batteries. We should have them in stock soon on our website.